About Us

Our History

In 1945, before the town was even incorporated, Ajax Baptist Church committed itself to glorifying God through praise, fellowship, and the proclamation of the gospel. Since then, generations have regularly gathered in the “church beside the highway” and dedicated themselves to the preaching and teaching of the Bible, the edification of the saints, the conversion of sinners, and to seeing the Kingdom of God established and strengthened both locally and abroad.

Ajax (and indeed, our country) is a very different place than it was all those decades ago, but the good news of salvation remains ever the same: those who repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ will have all their sins forgiven, will be counted among God’s beloved children rather than His enemies, and will have the unshakable promise of eternal life.

Thus today, as it has every day since its founding, Ajax Baptist faithfully ministers the changeless Christ to a changing world.

A sketch of the original building, circa 1962.