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Ministering the Changeless Christ in a Changing World

In 1945, before the town was even incorporated, Ajax Baptist Church committed itself to glorifying God through praise, fellowship, and the proclamation of the gospel.


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Sin Impedes Prayer (3 mins)

Christ's Call to a Generation (4 mins)

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This week:

Why do we follow Christ and not, say, our local church leadership figure? Because he and he alone is “above all earthly things,” has been “given all things from the Father,” and has “the Spirit without limit.”  Pastors, preachers, and prophets – no matter how gifted or blessed – are just men. Salvation and eternal life are not to be found in them.

Join us this Sunday at 10am for A Message to Church Laity 

  • Sunday School available every Sunday
  • Communion Service: First Sunday of the Month
  • Men’s Bible Study:     Wednesday    10:00 am – 11:00 am
  • Ladies’ Bible Study:    Thursday       10:00 am – 11:00 am


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Telephone: (905) 683-4802